The Perfect Skin

Clients are always asking me how I maintain my perfect skin. The truth its part science, part consistency of home care and yes, professional care.

Let’s start back from the beginning, shall we…In my teens, through my early twenties, I suffered from acne. I tried topical medication, prescribed medication and yes, birth control. Most of the time, these treatments managed my acne from a grade 3 to 4 to a grade 1 to 2. In case you’re wondering grade 3 to 4 is the most severe types of acne. Then in my mid-twenties, I met an esthetician who was renting an office from my chiropractor and she began treating my acne with regular facials. Not only were the treatments relaxing but in 6 months my acne was gone. From that point on I wanted everyone to know about the benefits of regular facials. This is before social media so I told everyone I knew…my family, my co-workers, my neighbors, strangers on the streets…Eventually, this revelation led me to leave my corporate job to pursue aesthetics.

Female Skin Analysis for FBFrom additional hours of training and first-hand experiences and thousands of facials, I’ve learned that the skin like our body works best when it’s in perfect pH balance.  I’m not the best at science but what I do know that we should strive to maintain the balance of alkalinity and acidity in our bodies and tissues in order to get the best results. BTW, pH stands for “power of hydrogen”

The skin’s sweet spot or the protective layer referred to as the acid mantle should be at 5.5 pH balance. The pH scale ranges totally acidic at 0.0 to totally alkaline at 14.0, making 7.0 neutral. The higher the pH number of something over 7.0 the more alkaline it is. So what does it mean for our skin? It means our skin prefers a slightly acidic state. That said, all sorts of external (pollution, sun exposure, products) and internal factors (poor diet, sleep, stress) can break down the acid mantle causing the skin to appear too oily or too dry.

How do you maintain optimal pH balance for your skin? Regular facials are a great start, that’s why my skin was able to clear up very quickly. My acid mantle’s pH was corrected with every facial and my home care supported and maintained my pH balance which helped fight off bacteria and maintain my oil production. Also, most over-the-counter products that you purchase at the drug store or at your local big stores, like Target and Wal-Mart tend to be more alkaline and filled with un-necessary parabens and fragrances. You can test your home skin care products by purchasing an at-home pH testing kit at one of those local stores. That said, as a licensed esthetician it’s my job to know the pH of the products I carry in my shop and it’s my job to match the proper pH product to my client’s skin type. In addition, when I’m dealing with different skin conditions like acne, rosacea, eczema or psoriasis, it’s my goal to re-establish the pH balance of the skin through proper and customized treatment in order support the skin’s efforts to protect it from infections and diseases.

So you see, you too can be part of the perfect skin care club.



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