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Cats having a facial

Cats love having a facial

I admit it, I’m a book nerd. Mostly fiction and the genres vary; right now I’m reading the novel “Hand Me Down” by Melanie Thorne, who just so happens to be my client…go Mel! My husband makes fun of me because sometimes I’m reading 3-4 different books at one time. For me reading is my escape and it usually helps me unwind from the day. That said, clients are always asking me about different skin care resources and here a favorite that I would like to share with you:

Skin Deep  is regarded as the largest online safety guide for cosmetics and personal care products. I predominately use it as a resource to find out the ingredients of products and perhaps sensitivities my clients may be experiencing with their current product lines as well as for researching other skin care lines. However, if you really want to know the ins and outs of cosmetic ingredients most estheticians use the Milady’s “Skin Care and Cosmetics Ingredients Dictionary.” This book explains the basic skin physiology and provides the botanical Latin names and descriptions for product ingredients.

ASCP Skin Care is my professional website and resource on everything from marketing to training but I suggest it to my clients for two reasons:

  • It provides a great skin care glossary
  • There’s a tool to find a local esthetician or skin care professional in their area just in case they move or travel quite a bit.

Skin Cancer Foundation is my go to when researching on the right sunscreen to suggest for my clients as well as providing tips on prevention and what signs to look for in skin cancer when conducting my skin analysis with clients.

Happy Reading!

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Facials and Massages Equals Sweet Escape

Stress release

Stress release

I’m not sure if it’s due to tax season or a full moon or just the unexpected ups and downs of life but we’ve been treating a great deal of clients who are going through a great deal stress. When I created Moonstone, I was committed to creating a place where my clients could escape and recharge from the daily stresses. Recently, I’ve been experiencing my own level of stress. No it’s not the stress of running the business that’s just part of the job but my Mom is dealing with my ailing Grandfather. It makes me sad seeing my Mom dealing with all matters surrounding the care of my Grandfather. Her heartaches are my mine and there I sit thinking of ways to make it all better. One thing I’ve done is to call her every day and just listen to her but I found myself thinking it wasn’t enough.  Then I began thinking of ways I could support as well as provide some relief to her stress.  Next, I found myself calling my sister to arrange a massage for my Mom while I was pulling together a basket of relaxing items – from aromatherapy to herbal teas – to mail out to her. It all reminded that this is what I strive to do every day for my clients – provide relaxation and place to escape from the daily stresses because you never know what each person is dealing with in their life, including one’s Mom. Always here Mom, thanks for being so strong.

Here are a few of my favorite ways of dealing with stress:

  • Taking a hike with my dogs or going for a run
  • Meditating solo or with a group. In Marin, there are several groups and Meetup groups but one of my favorite places is Spirit Rock Meditation Center.
  • Dancing, one my client leads Souls Motion on Sundays.

What are some of your favorite ways of escaping and relaxing from the daily stresses of life?

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Your First Facial

What To Expect At Your First Facial

Your first facial

Your first facial

We all know the basic rules of healthy skin: cleanse daily, moisturize and slather on the SPF. But no matter our best intentions, the truth is that the perfect combo of stress, pollution, sweat and makeup (hey, we’ve all skipped that nighttime wash a time or two) can leave our faces looking a little … dull.

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Eyelash Extensions

Another popular service for the eyes is eyelash extensions. Lash extensions are applied individually on each eyelash to add length, thickness and fullness to natural lashes. Hollywood and HDTV have made eyelash extension a hot trend, the bigger the better. Eyelash extensions vary in prices from $100 – $500 and it takes approximately 2 hours to apply them the first time around. However, it’s a semi-permanent treatment and on the average the extension can last from two weeks to two months – it all depends on your
eyelash growth and it’s inevitable that the extensions will grow out. It’s  also important you find an esthetician or cosmetologist who has additional training and certification in eyelash extensions. There are many companies who create the synthetic lashes, including: Novalash, Lavish Lashes, Lash Out and Xtreme Lashes (just to name a few). The good news is most of these websites have a directory where you can find local certified lash stylist. However, make sure you ask questions during you consultation including: the
cost to up keep the lashes; where the lashes are made; what the lashes are made of; and options on the adhesive that is used to set the lashes as well as any health or safety concerns.

Lastly, you can always try out the eyelash or eyebrow enhancers like Revitalash or Latisse. There are also new mascaras or makeup techniques you can learn to enhance the eyes, especially on YouTube. You can find free tutorials on eye makeup but no matter your age have fun and be safe Remember, “The eyes are the window to the soul.”

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Eyebrow Threading

Threading eyebrowsI recently got a new pair of eyeglasses and I love them! And it got me thinking what other ways can we highlight the eyes. One of the easiest ways is to have your eyebrows shaped. The best and cleanest way is to shape them with soft wax. However, threading eyebrow kiosks seem to be popping up all over in shopping centers. Threading is another form of removing hair from the root and it’s a technique that was introduced from India and the Middle East. I personally do not enjoy the process, I prefer getting my eyebrows waxed – it seems quicker and less painful. Many of clients have tried it out at least once and most of them prefer waxing because they’ve experienced discomfort or ingrown hairs and sometimes infection. I believe it all depends on the client preference. However, I would suggest you see a private esthetician who specialized in threading and avoid the kiosks in the mall because sanitation is number one priority amongst licensed esthetician.

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