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Facial Treatments for Acne and Premature Aging

Regular facial treatments are great for treating skin conditions, combating the appearance of aging and signs of stress. Schedule a facial when you need some personal downtime, when your skin is acting up, and about a week before a big … Continue reading

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Blueberry Slimming Body Scrub and Wrap with an Herbal Cellulite Treatment

You always joke that if you have even a bite of dessert, it’ll go straight to your waist. Or thighs. Or booty. Whatever part of your body that you’d like to trim and tighten, Mom, this offer has you covered … Continue reading

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Facials and Massages Equals Sweet Escape

I’m not sure if it’s due to tax season or a full moon or just the unexpected ups and downs of life but we’ve been treating a great deal of clients who are going through a great deal stress. When I created … Continue reading

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Your First Facial

What To Expect At Your First Facial We all know the basic rules of healthy skin: cleanse daily, moisturize and slather on the SPF. But no matter our best intentions, the truth is that the perfect combo of stress, pollution, … Continue reading

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Eyelash Extensions

Another popular service for the eyes is eyelash extensions. Lash extensions are applied individually on each eyelash to add length, thickness and fullness to natural lashes. Hollywood and HDTV have made eyelash extension a hot trend, the bigger the better. Eyelash extensions vary … Continue reading

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