About Moonstone Skin and Body Care

Skin Care Analysis

Skin Care Analysis

As a licensed aesthetician and owner of Moonstone Skin and Body Care, clients are constantly asking how to best care for their skin. This blog will provide an outlet for me share with you and my clients a place to discuss skin and body care treatments, new products and latest trends as well as insight on running and owning a spa business.

Janie Escamilla is the founder and director of Moonstone Skin and Body Care

She is a graduate of San Jose State University. She has over 10 years of experience as a marketing and public relations executive representing well-known technology and consumer companies. In search of work/life balance, she found solace in her local esthetician seeking a place to rejuvenate her tired skin and relaxation. During the process, she found that the treatments effectively cleared up her adult acne and provided a safe haven where she could recharge her mind, body and spirit.

After much reflection and reminiscing about her introduction to the field of esthetics as a child by her beloved Grandmother, Janie sought out on a new path and a new profession that would integrate wellness into her daily routine. At the end of this phase of her journey, Janie received her esthetics license from the Cinta Aveda Institute as well as additional training under Sandra Morrow, MD at Union Street Medspa in San Francisco.

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