10 Tips for Battling Acne

Acne face
10 Tips for Battling Acne
1.) Sleep More.  Ideally no less than 7 to 8 hours per night – this is when your skin can really heal and repair itself from damage!
2.) Use only Fragrance-Free or All-Free liquid detergents and no fabric softeners at all, especially on sheets.
3.) Avoid iodides in the diet, such as salty snacks, fast foods, processed foods, peanut products, kelp, iodized salt, sea products, excessive dairy products, and vitamin/mineral supplements containing kelp or iodine,
4.) Get regular monthly treatments.  Glycol and enzyme treatments exfoilate the skin and allow treatment products to penetrate better.
5.) Do not rub off dead skin – this can cause excessive irritation!
6.) Never skip your home care routine.  Skipping your skin care routine allows microcomedones to form deep in the follicle and can result in new breakouts and blackheads.
7.) Minimize sun exposure and reapply non-comedogenic sunblock when in direct sunlight.
8.) Drink more water.  A lot more.
9.) Reduce stress!  Carve out time to read, take a relaxing bath, meditate, do yoga, knit, or workout.  Do whatever it takes to work stress out of your system.
10.) STOP PICKING BLEMISHES! Put notes on your mirrors, take up crochet, give yourself a manicure – find some way to change your behavior when you feel the urge to pick at an acne lesion.  Picking spreads bacteria and allows the breakout to move to other areas of the face and body.
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