Facials and Massages Equals Sweet Escape

Stress release

Stress release

I’m not sure if it’s due to tax season or a full moon or just the unexpected ups and downs of life but we’ve been treating a great deal of clients who are going through a great deal stress. When I created Moonstone, I was committed to creating a place where my clients could escape and recharge from the daily stresses. Recently, I’ve been experiencing my own level of stress. No it’s not the stress of running the business that’s just part of the job but my Mom is dealing with my ailing Grandfather. It makes me sad seeing my Mom dealing with all matters surrounding the care of my Grandfather. Her heartaches are my mine and there I sit thinking of ways to make it all better. One thing I’ve done is to call her every day and just listen to her but I found myself thinking it wasn’t enough.  Then I began thinking of ways I could support as well as provide some relief to her stress.  Next, I found myself calling my sister to arrange a massage for my Mom while I was pulling together a basket of relaxing items – from aromatherapy to herbal teas – to mail out to her. It all reminded that this is what I strive to do every day for my clients – provide relaxation and place to escape from the daily stresses because you never know what each person is dealing with in their life, including one’s Mom. Always here Mom, thanks for being so strong.

Here are a few of my favorite ways of dealing with stress:

  • Taking a hike with my dogs or going for a run
  • Meditating solo or with a group. In Marin, there are several groups and Meetup groups but one of my favorite places is Spirit Rock Meditation Center.
  • Dancing, one my client leads Souls Motion on Sundays.

What are some of your favorite ways of escaping and relaxing from the daily stresses of life?

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This blog is an outlet for me share with you and my clients a place to discuss skin and body care treatments, new products and latest trends as well as insight on running and owning a spa business.
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