Facials During Pregnancy

Facials During Pregnancy – Yes, you can!

Recently, I had a Mommy-to-be come in for a facial treatment. Her first concern was it safe for her to have a facial during her pregnancy. And the answer is yes, during pregnancy you can enjoy the services of facials but there a few safety tips and recommendations to consider when receiving these services. Here a few that we recommend to my pregnant clients:

  • 1. Set up a skin care consultation with your local aesthetician. This type of an appointment is usually free and it’s a good way for you and your esthetician have an open discussion on your skin care concerns as well as the status of your pregnancy and health history. I also recommend to my client to bring a list of their current skin care products so we can review the safety and concerns of the product ingredients.
  • Never lie flat. Make sure the facial or massage table is adjusted to be upright or slightly angled. You never want to lie flat down on a facial table; you can easily become light headed if your head is position lower than your body.
  • Stick to the basics. For a facial treatment, you want to stick to the basic such as a hydrating or deep cleansing facial. I’ve found that a good portion of my clients have dry to dehydrated skin during their pregnancy so a hydrating facial is a good option in nourishing pregnancy parched skin. On the other end, some clients experience hormonal breakouts and blackheads. Therefore, a deep cleansing facial that includes exfoliation and extraction is another alternative for cleaning out the pores and balancing the skin. Your skin can be hyper-sensitive during pregnancy so avoid galvanic current, chemical peels and microdermbrasion You can consider prenatal massages but avoid body wraps and scrubs, hydrotherapy, steam rooms and saunas.
  • Although facials are good way to relax and help maintain your skin during the influx of hormones and stress to your skin, always talk to your doctor before you schedule an appointment.

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