A few of my favorite things

The question “what one item would you bring if you were stranded on an island?” is totally absurd to me. The only island I could imagine being stranded on would be one with a resort and cabana (with or without the boy).  That said,  here are a few of my favorite items that I would take with me on any island:

  • Sunscreen. I know, I know it’s not glamorous. However, if you want to remain looking glamorous (and young) sunscreen is your friend. I recommend PCA Hydrator Plus SPF 25 because it offers hydration for the skin as well as sun protection. However, on my lazy days, I use Eminence SPF 30 Sun Defense. It’s sunscreen and makeup all-in-one, plus it’s effective, won’t clog pores, water-resistant, great for the whole family (safe for kids), and it’s easy to apply and carry anywhere.
  • Bobby Brown Bronze Shimmer Brick. I admit I rather hit the snooze button a few times and sacrifice my time on applying makeup. That said, the Brick is a multi-tasker, the-girl-on-the-run dream product. You can apply it to your cheek bones for blush or use it to highlight your eyes or both. In addition, the bronze gives you that sun-kissed look we all want whether we are currently living on an island or not.
  • Serum. Keep in mind, I’m an esthetician so I’m all about preserving your skin and combating the signs of aging. The sun is our skin’s enemy. What’s the best part of a face serum?  Typically a face serum is used to fight wrinkles, lines and dark spots but the best part, a good serum usually has antioxidants and vitamins your skin needs. In addition, serum is made up of smaller molecules and penetrates deeper into the skin.
  • Probiotic. Thanks to all the past flu and illnesses I have fought over the years my stomach has become super sensitive and my immune system is not the best . However, I discovered  probiotics to be my body’s best friends. Seriously, this past month my doctor put me on probiotics and what a difference it has made for my digestive and immune system. Apparently there is good bacteria that our body needs. That said, I’m fond of the Good Belly probiotic juice drink.  Comes in all sorts of fruit flavors and you can take the 12 day challenge and get coupons when you visit www.goodbelly.com.
  • Fuzzy Socks. Forget the slippers, microfiber fuzzy socks come in all sorts of fun colors and crazy patterns plus they are super soft and comfortable. A perfect and affordable escape for my tired feet.

About moonstoneskincare

This blog is an outlet for me share with you and my clients a place to discuss skin and body care treatments, new products and latest trends as well as insight on running and owning a spa business.
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