Facial Time

Summer is just around the corner. Before you lather on the sunscreen and head outdoors, here are a few signs that it’s time for a facial.

Sign #1. The obvious. Your skin is flaky and it appears irritated and red. Sometimes our body communicates to us to in a very loud way: sore muscles, achy back, puffy eyes, you get the picture.  Your skin is no different especially when the seasons change and your skin does react to external factors and changes.  That said, a deep exfoliation treatment such as microdermabrasion with a facial or AHA (alpha hydroxyl acid) facial peel can definitely improve and smooth the texture of your skin by gently removing the damaged outer layers. In the end, you skin will be smooth and happy.

Sign #2. My make-up doesn’t look or feel right. Before you head out to purchase a couple of hundreds of dollars on new make-up, consider getting a facial first.   Like any good artist, you need to start with a clean canvas. A good facial removes the dead skin cell build up and provides you with a fresh new skin (canvas) to work from. That said, you will not only get the most out of your make-up, you may even save money in the process.

Sign #3. My skin care products are no longer working for me.  Often times, I hear from my clients that their skin care products are no longer working or their moisturizer appears to be sitting on top of their skin and not absorbing into their skin. If any of these scenarios sounds familiar consider having a facial. Facials not only clean out your pores but it also deeply nourishes your skin with good antioxidants and minerals that affect the connective tissues of the skin and allow products to naturally and easily penetrate into the epidermis layer.

Sign #4. Dry as a bone or slick as an oil pit. Whether your skin has dry patches, oily areas or a combination, these are definite signs that your skin is out sync and needs some attention. A facial can correct this condition by balancing out the pH of your skin while rehydrating dehydrated skin.

Sign #5. It’s just that time. Ask yourself when was the last time you had a facial. If it has been more than six months, it’s time. A good facial is a good jump-start for a little R&R this summer because during most treatments you receive a very relaxing facial massage. In addition, your local skin care therapist or aesthetician will match you up  with the best sunscreen for your skin type.

About moonstoneskincare

This blog is an outlet for me share with you and my clients a place to discuss skin and body care treatments, new products and latest trends as well as insight on running and owning a spa business.
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